Our Mission
To provide the best security solutions adapted to meet our client’s needs, precise in delivery at an affordable price.

Our Vision
- To be a leader in the State of Ohio in security solutions, market by market
- Assume responsibility for raising standards in the industry and work toward setting 
  benchmarks such as ethics, training, and compensation
- Grow through local service reputation
- Recognize that our most valuable asset is our people - Positive Attitude, Leadership, and IntegrityType your paragraph here.

Message from the Founder

T R U S T E D    S E C U R I T Y    S O L U T I O N S

Message From The Founder

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website.  I value the business of all U.S. Protection Service clients.  U.S. Protection Service is built on traditional values of hard work, ethical relationships, and honesty.  As U.S. Protection Service moves into the twenty-first century, we will focus management efforts on the constant renewal of the trust I have earned over the years.  My pledge is to provide you with my best service possible.

Going into 2019, U.S. Protection Service reached a milestone in employing over 500 Officers for our company.  Thanks to the hard work of our officers, our company has had the privilege of expanding not only within the Columbus Market but also into the Cleveland, Dayton, Springfield, Cincinnati, Kentucky, and Toledo area as well. We are coming upon our 16th year in business and look forward to continuing our growth.  I am very proud of all my employees and the hard work they continue to show our clients as they help grow our organization.  

About The Founder
As the Founder of U.S. Protection Service, I committed to provide our valued clients with the best service possible.  I grew up in the Columbus area and I'm very knowledgeable about the area and its people.  After graduating high school, I enlisted in the U.S. Navy and after serving 4 years I was given an honorable discharge.  I returned home to join a local police department and attended Columbus State Community College.  During my 25 years in law enforcement, I arose through the ranks to become Chief of the department.  I have handled and/or supervised cases ranging from burglary, sexual assault, homicide, undercover operations, and many others.  In 2003, with retirement approaching, I decided to form U.S. Protection Service.  I obtained a Class "A" license from the Ohio Division of Homeland Security and looked forward to the beginning of the next chapter in my life.