T R U S T E D    S E C U R I T Y    S O L U T I O N S

Every year there are local families who struggle with making their incomes stretch for bills.  When you add the complications of the holidays, those families can’t afford to supply gifts to their children.  The Toys for Tots program is a wonderful foundation that gives back to these struggling families. 

U.S. Protection Service, LLC takes pride in ensuring that we can give back to our local community any chance possible.  That is why every Holiday season we want to make an impact that would benefit the community, show our support for our troops, and find a message that strikes close to our own hearts. 

Toys for Tots is a foundation of the United States Marine Corps Reserve that was established in 1947 by Major Bill Hendricks, USMCR in Los Angeles, California.  By the time 1996 came around, the mission was expanded to include all 50 states.  Over the years, the Toys for Tots Foundation had grown in recognition and in 2002 were awarded a 4-star rating by the Charity Navigator.  To date, the foundation has distributed over 469 million toys to over 216 million less fortunate children.

U.S. Protection Service is proud to have among its employees and management staff former Marines, along with other military service branch members.  When the decision was made to find a charitable organization to work with, Toys for Tots Foundation was the natural choice.  

Community Outreach

Fourth of July Parade with Mayor Coleman